Published On: 21/09/2023

UM MCTCM members visit IAM and Macao Water

Li Shao Ping, director of the Macao Centre for Testing of Chinese Medicine (MCTCM) of the University of Macau (UM), and Chen Xiao Jia, technical officer of the centre, led all MCTCM members to visit the Laboratory Division of the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) of the Macao SAR government and the Laboratory and Research Centre of Macao Water Supply Company Limited. They visited the laboratories, sampling rooms, and other functional areas of IAM’s Laboratory Division to gain a better understanding of the division’s daily testing procedures for drinking water, swimming pools and beaches, as well as food products. Both parties had in-depth discussions and expressed their hope to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in related areas. The MCTCM members also visited the laboratories and functional areas of Macao Water’s Laboratory and Research Centre to learn more about their day-to-day work in monitoring and analysing the quality of drinking water. Both parties had discussions on capacity building, talent development, and research collaboration.

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MCTCM member visit the Labortory Division of IAM

MCTCM members in disscussion with Macao Water representative

MCTCM members and IAM representatives

MCTCM members and Macao Water representatives