Testing Services

The Macao Centre for Testing of Chinese Medicine, University of Macau (the Centre) commences trial operation in March 2024, providing traditional Chinese medicine testing services to related manufacturers and institutions in Macao. Details shall be subject to the notice from the testing center.

We offer testing on traditional Chinese medicine, including:

  • Heavy metals
  • Aflatoxins
  • Pesticide residues
  • Identification/Inspection
  • Content determination
  • Microbiological Examination
  • Other methods

Notice for Sample Submission

Customer (company or institution) shall be familiar with the characteristics and the information of the sample sent, be acknowledged with the testing purpose and sample amount, and be responsible for all the information provided to the Centre.Customer should provide:

1. Authorization letter (download link)

Customer shall provide an authorization letter from the company/institution to submit samples on behalf of the company/institution.

2. Service Request Form (simplified version) (download link)  

Customer shall provide the following information (testing items subject to services provided by the testing center): testing purpose, sample name, quantity, manufacturer, batch number, testing items, testing accordance/standard and the detailed information of the customer entity.

The request form requires the official stamp of the company/organization.

3. Testing standards or methods

Customer shall provide the corresponding testing standards or methods. For the published quality standards, clear and detailed citations (including version number, volume number, page number, etc.) shall be provided. For single-page quality standard document, the name, standard number and approval number of the standard shall be stated on the document, and a copy of the standard with the official stamp of the company/organization is required.

4. Test report

Except for heavy metals and harmful elements, the testing center will not issue test reports with the CNAS logo.

5. Sample requirements

Sample amount:The submission amount shall be three times the testing amount. Under special circumstances, upon mutual agreement, the quantity may be reduced, with the statement “Due to the insufficient sample submitted to the Centre, the customer is acknowledged that no application for re-testing will be accepted in the future.” in the service request form.

Status requirements:Sample shall be in an intact package with complete labels. For samples without labels, customer shall provide temporary labels for identification. The label content should at least include sample name, batch number, specifications, expiration date, manufacturer, and storage conditions.

Expiration period requirements:The sample expiration date shall be longer than 3 testing cycles (3 months). Expired samples and samples with an expiration date within 3 months will not be accepted. Typically, the testing cycle is 20 working days. When the testing is terminated due to special reason during the testing process, the Centre will contact the customer and if there is no reply 15 days. The testing item will be deemed to be canceled.

6.Standard/reference materials

Due to the differences in the customer’s sample/product, the customer should provide fully packaged certified standards, reference materials, reference medicines or special reagents required for testing. If no certified standards or reference materials can be provided, the customer should provide working reference materials for testing, with document on the sources of standard/reference materials and the corresponding information.

7.Sample collection

Collection time: Every Monday (excluding holidays) from 09:30 am to 11:30 am

Collection location: Reception in The Macao Centre for Testing of Chinese Medicine, University of Macau

Hotline : 8822-8522